We the people, disciples of the environment, with the power and knowledge of the all mighty. Our joining hands and supporting the million landfill march. Creating 2.5 billion jobs. Worldwide manufacturing over a billion solar panels, covering the million landfills and collecting the methane and carbon before it gets into the environment and passing on the pollution free electricity to you for your support of the million landfilled march. This is Howard Hughes solution to the problem for the world wide use to counter act some of the problems and damage that the drill bit caused from all of the millions of oil well holes and the pollution that it caused all around the world. Howard Hughes legacy is to clean this matter up through the million landfill march and taking all the revenue for the rental and royalty, and all the gold and silver that came into the trust is to be use for joint venture with all countries, all governments, and disciples of the environment that want to match funds.

The trust will be cleaning landfills around the world, and taking in garbage and disposing of it, all pollution free. Tires will also be processed at these facilities.  Methane gas will be used to fire ultra-high temperature furnaces that will discharge to the landfills and carbon recovery will occur at the bottom of the landfill. Carbon recovery in this fashion rather than removing from the atmosphere is much more efficient and complete and leads to the pollution free aspect of these projects.

Some of the carbon will be used in the manufacture of solar panels which will cover each landfill. The electrical production from these solar arrays will provide electrical users who purchase electricity from the project more economical, pollution free energy. Water, steam, and metal will also be bye products of the process.

Products built, such as solar panels, batteries, magnets, carbon fiber frames, containers etc. at each landfill or nearby location is projected to create at least 2500 jobs paying $15.00/ hr. each.  Projected economic, and social benefits are exactly what these areas need, while the earth is cleaned of pollution and pollution free energy is created. Long term, clean energy at reasonable pricing, will allow for economic growth and conversion to electrical powered transportation, as well as provide clean low cost energy the people of each location as well as pollution free commercial energy.

Howard Hughes projected the advent use of Electric Vehicles as the earth migrates away from the use of fossil fuels. Besides the huge monetary value of the trust, extensive scientific study of battery and other electrical storage  and controlled discharge devises, electrical generation technology for use in vehicles and other vertical movement occurrences including uses of magnets for creation of energy and all other scientific energy production projects was bestowed to the trust. One such devise was the electric energy generating shock absorber. This energy creating devise was to be mounted on all vehicles to aid in the charging of the electric vehicle battery. Another similar devise was to be an electrical energy generating “spinning battery” with the vertical motion of the vehicle suspension used to power up the battery and a series of capacitors which would help provide power to the vehicle.  Howard Hughes wanted a clean, pollution free earth and was determined to do all he could to achieve the environment he envisioned for mankind. These and many other engineering devises are held by the trust.

  This is vertical application electrical energy generator. Horizontal, lever application device was also
  given to the trust for future use were less height was available. Same basic internals were to be used in 

The Howard Hughes Trust will provide matching funds for all funds invested at each location. His vision also included each participate who signed up with support for the project would be eligible for a debit card to be distributed by the Government Develop Bank. . Each applicant would agree to buy all of the electricity they use from the project, Each monthly electrical usage payment received would be allocated to their account set up at the Government Development Bank, at the end of 3 years payments for electricity each participate could then begin using their debit card for medical payments. Continued electrical usage payments by each participate would be allocated their respective accounts.  This Medical plan would prove to be of great value to both the Participates and their respective Governments.

Electric Generating Shock Absorber & Silver Bar     Solar Powered Electric Car

Participates contributing to the One Million Landfill March will be eligible to receive Gold or Silver the Howard Hughes Trust owns. The silver is valued $10.00 per oz. and the gold at $1,000.00 per oz. Those choosing to contribute to the landfill project will be issued precious metal certificates in an amount equal to their contribution. Only participates of the landfill project will be eligible.


-Howard Hughes